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2019 Audition Repertoire

This is for orchestra seating and chamber group placement at camp. 2019 repertoire can be found below for reference and the 2020 audition repertoire will be posted in June 2020!

(Found below these memes:)



Camp Vivace

Vivace Violin

Vivace Viola

Vivace Cello

Vivace Bass

Link to Recording of Rutter Suite for Strings, Movement IV

Link to Recording of Rhythm Dances


Camp Presto

Presto Violin

Presto Viola

Presto Cello

Presto Bass

Link to Recording of Odyssey

Link to Recording of Moana


Camp Allegro

Allegro Violin

Allegro Viola

Allegro Cello

Allegro Bass

Link to Recording of Frog in a Tree