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Audition Repertoire


    • All Camp Presto and Camp Vivace campers will audition for orchestra and chamber ensemble placement when they get to camp.
      • The purpose of these auditions is to help us better understand each student’s needs for the best private lessons teacher and chamber music placement.
    • How auditions work:
      • Campers will receive an audition time when they check in to camp.
      • Each audition will last for 3-5 minutes.
      • Auditions will consist of:
        • Orchestra excerpts AVAILABLE NOW! See PDFs below.
        • Possible sight-reading
        • Optional Camp Vivace Chamber Music and Honors Solo Recital:
          • Camp Vivace campers will have the opportunity to audition to play a solo at the Camp
            Vivace Chamber Music and Honors Solo Recital during their first-day audition. This is a
            special opportunity for Camp Vivace campers to perform a prepared solo. Plan for an
            additional 5 minutes added to your audition time if you plan on auditioning for an Honors
            Solo performance. If you choose to audition for an Honors Solo, please bring your sheet
            music as well as the piano accompaniment sheet music (SSA will provide a pianist). If your solo is unaccompanied
            please bring a second copy of your solo sheet music for the audition panel to see while you
            audition. Vivace campers are NOT required to audition for an Honors Solo but are highly
      • If your child has questions about the audition and does not have a private teacher, please contact SSA Camp Music Director Danielle Simandl here


Vivace Violin Audition PDF

Vivace Viola Audition PDF

Vivace Cello Audition PDF

Vivace Bass Audition PDF


Presto Violin Audition PDF

Presto Viola Audition PDF

Presto Cello Audition PDF 

Presto Bass Audition PDF