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Audition Repertoire

  • All Camp Presto and Camp Vivace campers will audition for orchestra and chamber ensemble placement when they get to camp. 
    • The purpose of these auditions is to let us better understand each student’s needs for the best private teacher and chamber music placement.
  • How auditions work:
    • Parents/campers will sign up for an audition time when they check in to camp.
    • Each audition will last for 3-5 minutes.
    • Auditions will consist of:
      • Any kind of music the student has prepared (solos, orchestra music, scales, etc)
      • Sight-reading
      • Camp Vivace students wishing to audition for an Honors Solo for the Final Concert: bring piano accompaniment sheet music if you are auditioning to play a solo for the Final Concert and your solo has a piano accompaniment. Bring a copy of the solo sheet music if it is unaccompanied. If you are selected to perform a solo, SSA will provide a pianist to play with you and rehearsal time before the concert.